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Jan. 16th, 2015 01:21 pm
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Every time I got to Ezekiel I was like, I feel like I could play that, I really feel like this whole idea of coming into a family, if you will, is something I wasn’t used to. Back home, it’s just me and my mum. So I have a very small family and to sort of play a character who’s now coming into a new, bigger family, for me it wasn’t just a job. It really was an experience for me to kind of get to do that.
—John Kim, on playing Ezekiel Jones

still jonesing for a full version of chilly gonzales' slow piano cover of tswift's shake it off.
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35 books read in 2014.
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- empire article about a possible remake of the craft.

- i wanna c&p klaus mikaelson's head into a pic of sokka proudly holding up his middle grade drawing. i also wanna write an au fic about elijah being a major arts critic for the guardian. that scene of elijah running after tatia in red door - change the b-movie set to a snowy forest and it's onegin!... in my loony head.

i'll probably end the year 2014 with the originals being my main fandom. tragic.

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i find this whole thing very funny.

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having been raised by an esoteric, i'm technically not christian, but i usually do get influenced by surrounding environment/the entire country and become all about the "christmas spirit" during this time of the year.

right now, i've never felt less christian and into the christmas spirit in my entire life. i am assholecatbreakingshit.gif. not even the vince guaraldi trio is changing that. and that's a-okay.
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not so recently, i bought baba yaga: the wild witch of the east in russian fairy tales.

finally going through it.

steampunk baba yaga & star wars baba yaga illustrations -

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In fact, Apocalypse is being crafted around Lawrence's Mystique character and Michael Fassbender's Magneto. A source who has seen the script says Fox will take full advantage of Lawrence and Fassbender's star power, placing Mystique and Magneto's romance front and center.


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Nov. 10th, 2014 04:00 pm
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picspam: petra kvitova clinches fed cup title for the czech republic, ft. lucie & martina nav

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hugs, trophy, confetti: http://www.gettyimages.com/editorial/petra-kvitova-pictures
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