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i couldn't find versions of gershwin's sleepeless night (which i love so much) longer than 3 minutes on youtube, so i uploaded this one from '85 by michael tilson thomas.

already 2 books behind on my book challenge. flopsville flopsylvania. i shouldn't have pledged 30. last year made me believe i was close to hitting a good stride, reading wise, it got me so optimistic! but nah, i'm still the laziest.

i'm trudging through evelyn waugh's scoop right now and like... i actually wish the "right" mr. boot had been sent to ishmaelia, which i understand is something i should feel embarrassed about. but for real tho, the 2 pages scene at the very beginning between john boot and an 8 year old girl who'd just learned how to properly use the word 'banal' has been my favorite part of this book so far.
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George W. Bush's Putin Painting Because

“On the issue of Ukraine, my hero, Teddy Roosevelt, used to say talk softly, but carry a big stick. What you’re doing is talking strongly and carrying a very small stick, in fact, a twig.” (McCain ♥ Teddy)
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* i've been thinking of downloading the federer/djokovic IW final for 3 days now, but this seems like nothing but an invitation to risk my already precarious up/down ratio at T3 for a match i'll delete as soon as i finish watching.

* i wish i could say my obsession with true detective had something to do with how beautifully shot it was or how engaging the story is, but in all honesty i'm just really thirsty for rust cohle.

you'll find me being all derisive of the whole asshole brooding hunx who need a hug obsession with the best of them, but in my case it comes from a place of self-hatred because i am not actually any better.

right after "it's all one ghetto, man. giant gutter in outer space." i was already like, Y E S. let's.

- - thanks, patton oswalt.
- - that time i asked andy murray who was the hottest member of 1D.
- - st├ęphane grappelli does you'd better go now, it's just so cute.
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March 16 - While Crimeans line up to vote in a referendum on whether or not to join Russia, one lady would rather be in the comfort of her 55 cats.


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