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this was supposed to be a post about the stressful business of life, but i've decided to turn it into an observation on how the three fictional characters i've been obsessing the most over lately are wrapped up in death: claire kincaid, vada sultenfuss and nico di angelo.

end of observation.

tangent - omfg i had forgotten about this v. important scene in xmfc!! how could i.

i feel like the usual fannish agreement on xmfc!charles/erik is that it was a carly rae jepsen, love at first sight thing. maybe it was for charles (bc he has the creepy advantage of knowing "everything" about erik on first meeting). but y'know, i think that scene there was the moment erik went from "intriguing man, maybe useful" wrt charles to "he's certainly naive thinking these ppl will eventually help and accept us... but look at those EYES. and the grandpa wardrobe has its charm. and HE'S WITH ME! not with them, he's with me."

and then charles wasn't.

oh, erik.
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apparently, his official facebook page hasn't confirmed it, but idc, I'M I N T O IT. damn if i know why, but YES. let it be true. let's do it.

rooting for u and for ur american fame thirst to be quenched, bb.

center stage 3, here we go. i'll be there opening night. already casting xenia goodwin opposite him in my head.

someone phone baz luhrmann, quick.
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- god, i never even watched this show past s2 and i remember so little, but i still love this scene sfm. idky. it just made this mega huge impression. there's something in the way the lines are delivered. hugh laurie plays it perfectly. "People pray so that God won’t crush them like bugs. I’m not gonna crush you." perfect.

- i'm so proud of myself for achieving my goal of reading more. i've read 29 books this year so far! i do feel like i'm succeeding in turning it into a real habit rather than a holidays/whenever the mood strikes thing.

what disappoints me is that even though i've been overall lucky with the books i'm reading (most of them either entertain me or reach out to some part of me or both!), i don't actually feel like my mind has improved. it feels about the same. which makes me wonder if perhaps i just have a low intellectual ceiling and thee's just... not much one can do about that. like my many faults, it's a die, reincarnate, hope for a better draw in the next life situation.

- i remember this interview where brad gilbert was asked about watching rafa play in 2003 ('04?) and his thoughts. he was asked about the hype, if it was merited. and he said something like, "oh, he's coming. he's coming like a freight train!"

i feel like whenever ppl talk about the "next gen" of tennis, atp or wta, they aren't talking about the next gen at all. they're wondering when the next freight train is coming along and wondering about that rather than the actuality is just so damn frustrating.

no, cilic and nishikori are prolly not going to be the next federer/nadal/djokovic or even murray. it doesn't matter.


Aug. 30th, 2014 05:31 pm
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bendis watching the "would u date me?" scene between charles and raven in xmfc and going YES, they should bone! they should get stealth married! have a son, even!!! let me write trolly official fanfiction about this now that i run the x-books!

i'm not going to front, it's so bizarre that i'm kinda intrigued by how they went about courtship~. i really wanna know.


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