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my mother's impulsive move to buenos aires left me in charge of handling some of her business and it's absolutely killing me.

you see, my mother's the sort of person who takes no shit from anyone ever, she's just like this big personality loud person. imposing. whereas i'm a fucking doormat, hopelessly, noticeably so. i am incapable of dealing with things the way she does and i'm making a m e s s.

i'd go through a personality altering program so willingly were it available to me. mine's just not good for anything useful at all.
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i barely remember aladdin.

i was old enough to watch it in theaters when it came out here. 20 or so minutes into the movie, my mother stands up, telling me she needs to go the bathroom. something that seems like hooooours go by and she doesn't come back, i freak out, go out looking for her.

she was at the theater's cafeteria. she didn't need a potty break, she was bored to death and needed coffee.

this is a woman who at around the same time thought it was totally appropriate to sit me to watch raise the red lantern and the ballad of narayama on VHS with her. i had barely started primary school.

this is a post about my mother moving to buenos aires sort of kinda maybe for good and how i think i'm going to miss her a little. she's a unique lady.

it's only 3 hours away, but y'know.
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nothing at all )

& the libs had a reunion OR SMTH.

& dubliners: eveline, a little cloud and a mother are GREAT!! but a painful case takes FAVE prize bc it read to me like a mish-mash of lady with lapdog, notes from the underground and the end of anna karenina so ofc i l o v e d it.
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damn, i have so much envy of ppl who have A History spanning centuries, ngl. like, "my forefathers were from _____ and they did _____ and they went through such and such hardships." it just sounds so cool.

i have nothing like that. i'm garden variety multi-ethnic brazilian.

it IS a comfort that i'm not on this boat alone, that this is more or less the shared "History" of most of my compatriots, according to IBGE. there are ofc a lot of legitimate descendants from the japanese colonies and the german colonies and the italian and portuguese colonies, and the few resisting indigenous peoples, but for the most part it's a country of mutts.

nobody would buy us if we were dogs.


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