Aug. 30th, 2014 05:31 pm
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bendis watching the "would u date me?" scene between charles and raven in xmfc and going YES, they should bone! they should get stealth married! have a son, even!!! let me write trolly official fanfiction about this now that i run the x-books!

i'm not going to front, it's so bizarre that i'm kinda intrigued by how they went about courtship~. i really wanna know.
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House of Hades

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four days ago i met elif batuman at an event held by livraria cultura and she was as likable as i expected reading her book (and her twitter). tangentially, i just realized i don't know what's the best translation for the word simpática - nice and pleasant don't really cut it. not even likable, not really.

on yet another completely different note, i'm very happy that petra is now a two-times wimbledon champ and the whole "even bartoli made it to two finals~" shit is finally over. :)
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my mother's impulsive move to buenos aires left me in charge of handling some of her business and it's absolutely killing me.

you see, my mother's the sort of person who takes no shit from anyone ever, she's just like this big personality loud person. imposing. whereas i'm a fucking doormat, hopelessly, noticeably so. i am incapable of dealing with things the way she does and i'm making a m e s s.

i'd go through a personality altering program so willingly were it available to me. mine's just not good for anything useful at all.


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